Grab your daughter, grab your neighbor, sister, friend or mother! Join us for a Women’s Self Defense class where you will learn basic skills to protect yourself should you ever be in a situation where you feel threatened.
As women – and mothers – we are always on the go, hands full and not paying full attention to what’s going on around us. We will walk through scenarios and show you how to protect yourself.
Where: Academy of Self Defense
When: Sunday, September 26th @ 10am
Cost: $20

Contact Member Amy Dequaine for more information and to register.
P: 708-745-4432

Money Smart: Disasters – Financial Preparation and Recovery

About this event

Join us for a Money Smart presentation on disasters. We’ll share tips for financial preparation for and recovery from disasters. The presentation will also cover why preparing for disasters is a crucial part of financial management and financial health.

Date and time

Wed, August 11, 2021

9:00 AM – 10:30 AM CDT

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The Zemar Podcast recently teamed up with GetPayroll to offer payroll solutions for  small and medium-sized business owners. In a recent podcast episode, Butch Zemar of Elite Benefits of America spoke with his guest Charles Read, CPA, of GetPayroll. Read is the author of The Payroll Book: A Guide for Small Businesses and Startups. He offered guidance on common payroll issues for small- to medium-sized businesses, including document management to avoid employer liability. 

“It’s not easy to start your own business, but businesses like ours—Elite Benefits of America and GetPayroll—offer tools to small business owners to help them in areas they may not be familiar with,” Zemar said. “We work with small business owners everyday to ensure they have the tools they need for their business to be successful.”

The Zemar Podcast explores a variety of business-related topics.

For information on health insurance or for a quote, contact Butch Zemar at or (708) 535-3006.

For more information on payroll, contact Charles Read at or (972) 353-0000.

Head shot of Butch ZemarElite Benefits of America is a worksite benefits consulting firm that partners with small to mid-sized enterprises to be the employer of choice. For more information, visit