Small Business Marketing Series Provides Valuable & Timely Guidance in a Challenging Year

EPCC Small Business Marketing Series graphic

To celebrate Illinois Chamber of Commerce Week in September 2020, the EPCC launched a series of online marketing seminars for local businesses. All were welcome to attend these free, informative sessions. These five sessions were held online, via Zoom, and we were able to successfully record three of them to share with you below.

Session 1: LinkedIn with Sara Klein of AAA

Sara Klein is an agent development specialist with AAA who uses LinkedIn to promote the auto club, share industry information, and expand her network of contacts. Unfortunately, we did not get a recording of her presentation, but we plan to post her slideshow here. Please check back!


Session 2: Facebook & Instagram with Yasha Sterling Management

Yasha Sterling is a digital marketing specialist who builds websites and enhances the social media presence of her clients.


Session 3: Direct Mail with Bruce Smith of B Allan Graphics

Bruce Smith is a director of the EPCC who has operated a full-service printing and design business for more than 30 years.


Session 4: Podcasting with Christopher Lanuti of the EP Podcast

Chris Lanuti is a broadcast journalist and founder of the EP Podcast. In his presentation, he shares insights on how to create and monetize a podcast to promote your business.


Session 5: Website + Google My Business + Email Marketing with Laurie &  Jim Cleary of The Argus Company

The Clearys are visual/verbal digital experts responsible for the EPCC website, emails, and other marketing materials.  While we don’t have a recording of their session, they shared their slide presentation and a link to free resources on their website.

Free resources for improving your digital marketing